Elko Speedway
Track Records
NASCAR RE/MAX Car Mike Garvey 2001 13.639 Seconds
Unlimited Late Model Dan Fredrickson 8/31/2003 13.682 Seconds
NASCAR Late Models Jeff Martin 6/28/2001 13.555 Seconds
Sportsmen Jake Ryan 9/26/03 14.372 Seconds
Supertrucks John Vig Jr. 2001 14.511 Seconds
ASA Touring Chris Wimmer 2000 13.806 Seconds

Speedway Quick Facts
Speed Conversion 3/8 Mile Track - 1350 divided by laptime
Surface Heavy-duty wear mix asphalt with crushed granite aggregate
Width Entire track has 55 foot wide racing surface and a 10 foot apron.
Overall track area: 400 foot wide, 700 feet long
Banking The track has 7 degree banking in the straights with progressively banked turns which are banked from 7 degrees at the inside of the turn, to 14 degrees at the outside of the turn.
Retaining Wall The speedway has a concrete outer wall which encircles the track
Acreage 180 acres
Infield Lighting 2 - 60 foot towers; 40 - 1500 watt metal halide bulbs